A Day At The RyanPrints Store

 Here at RyanPrints, we are always on the go, from designing and cutting, to answering emails, we are very busy. 

 So what is it truly like during the day at RyanPrints? Let's walk through it, shall we?


 First thing we do of course is lift our blinds and put that beautiful blue OPEN sign on our door. We turn on our machines and computers and log into the necessary portals ( website, email, fax,etc.) We check to see if any orders came in or if any team members have questions.

 Once we are set-up and ready, we start processing any orders in the que. Mornings are made for designing. During that time customers are coming in for copies, fax, scan to emails, or place orders. 

 Around noon, we start printing orders, only stopping if a customer walks in. We print as many orders as we can before we break for lunch. On shipping days we take a longer lunch to stop by the post office to send orders out. 

 After lunch, we start the finishing touches on the orders that we printed. Some orders need to be cut, some laminated, some need to be binded, etc. During this time, we still have customers walking in for print services, and answering questions that our online team may have.

 Once orders have been completed, we get them ready for pickup, shipping, and delivery. We bag our items and add a personalized sticker to our bags. The team double checks the orders to ensure everything is there. Depending on the time , texts/emails are sent to the customer that evening or it is sent the next morning.

 As you can see we are a busy business and we love it! 


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