All About the Corners : Invitations

All About the Corners : Invitations

 It's pretty clear that the most innovative print option is all in the corners. 

 Throughout the years most invitations have centered around regular "square" corners. Most people love the simplicity of just having to make "one" out. Not to mention regular corners scream original. 

 However over the years the creatives around the world have added a little "jazz" to there projects. From rounded corners to creative shapes such as "brackets" and "scalloped" edges, invitations have grown up ! As the world advances, creatives do too.

Check out one of our "fan" favorites the zig zag.


This particular corner edge was requested by a customer. She wanted something different and everyone fell in love with the corners. 

What are some of your favorite corner options?

Leave them in the comments below!


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