Carbonless Forms

Carbonless Forms

 Carbonless form paper is ideal for maintaining a carbon copy of a form, commonly associated with a business transaction. The copy can function as a receipt for your customer or record keeping purposes. 


 Carbonless forms are often referred to as No Carbon Required Paper, and are available in 2,3,4, or 5- part carbonless paper.

 Even with the digital movement of things, many businesses often use this type of form for creating invoices, invoice books, receipt books, etc.

 What is the Standard Color Sequence?

  • 2 part ( white, yellow ) or ( white, pink)
  • 3 part ( white, yellow, pink)
  • 4 part ( white, yellow, pink, golden rod)

How are carbonless forms put together?

They are able to be glued together as sets on the following edges: top, left, right, and bottom. You are also able to combine multiple sets with padding options: in one pad with a carbon back or a wrap around cover.

Can you customize carbonless forms? 

Yes, some companies offer customization for carbonless forms giving it a more professional touch. You my even be able to add number sequences to help you stay on track. 


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