Designs, Where Are You?

Designs, Where Are You?

One of our most frequently asked questions we receive daily is "do you still have my design"?

The answer is YES!!

As a printing company with multiple businesses returning on the regular, we know the importance of keeping your material.

So where are all the designs kept?

 We go above and beyond to ensure we have access to those repeat customer designs. One way we store your information is on our computer. We have all the designs on our handy dandy laptop. Now you may be thinking! What happens to my design if the computer crash? Well, our second way of sharing your designs is through our online cloud. We have each company with their own individual folder in our cloud. Also as an added bonus we have good old fashioned folders with copies and information on how we created your designs. It's always better to have more, than to not have enough. With all the ways we have to keep your designs, you can rest a little easy knowing that we are able to reprint/ recreate exactly what you need. 


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