Loyalty Cards: How Can They Help My Business

Loyalty Cards: How Can They Help My Business

Customer loyalty cards!

You know those points that people get when they scan their app at checkout?

Well this is the SMALL BUSINESS version! The paper version!

There is a reason places like bookstores and coffee shops have them!

They are a powerful marketing tool!

They not only encourage people to come back to your business but they actually make them come back! I mean think about it. How many times have you returned to a business that gave you points/rewards for shopping? You want that discount!

So how can loyalty cards help your business? Let's dive in!

What Are Customer Loyalty Cards

Customer loyalty cards are used by businesses to encourage customers to return to their business! Customers receive a card (which can be a physical card or digital) that earns them a punch for every purchase they make. After a certain number of hole punches (determined by the business), the customers receives a special deal or discount! This encourages the customer to keep coming over and over again in order to receive their deal.

Customer loyalty cards are especially beneficial to businesses because they only require rewards after the customer has already spent money with the business a certain number of times.

Perfect right?

They also help business owners understand their customer buying preferences. How much do they spend per visit? What type of items are they purchasing? Having them "repeat visit" helps you understand who they are so that you can cater to their style!

You see, those little cards hidden away in people’s wallets aren’t to be overlooked!

How Can They Help My Business


Customers are likely to come back to support your business! With the loyalty cards, they are more inclined to come spend money with your business. Most of the time if customers return, they are 50% more likely to return again! By the third visit, the customer is officially working towards their reward which inclines them to keep returning! That's psychology working, people!



By default, repeat customers are easy to sell. Most of the time you know what they like! If they keep repeating their visits, you learn about their lives! You are able to build not only on that relationship but those conversations! You learn what they like, what they don't like and how they like things done! That's building rapport which is a key component to any successful business!



Last but not least, repeat customers spend more money. Trust me you want to keep those client coming back. For one, if they return, they obviously want to do business with you. Which makes your life easier because you don't have to "sell" to them. They are prepared and willing to buy! Plus they will spend more money with you if you start offering more of the things they like or in the case of this blog, offer them rewards for shopping! MIND BLOWN!


So what do you think?

Are loyalty cards a good invest for your business?

We think they can offer more benefits to your business!

Are you ready to see our options for loyalty cards? Click here to see all the Loyalty Card templates that we have to offer!

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