Greeting cards are such a timeless way to show your appreciation, sympathy, love and over all thoughts!
Here at RyanPrints, we realized that there was something special about those cards that are created custom from the heart! That's how PaperGenes was born! Now you may wonder, where did the name PaperGenes come from? Well our Founder, Jasmine, had this to say.
I have always been a very sentimental person! I have so much love for my family. My Great Grandmother, Imogene, was a very important piece in our family. I look at other families and I know that the reason ours is the way it is, is in fact due to her. Her drive, her dedication to Jehovah and her love is what made my family great! What better way to honor her than by naming my company PaperGENES.
That is how PaperGenes name was born! Later on, our Founder found out that GENE / JEAN is a family name. Most men were either named Gene or women had Jean in their name. Not only does the company honor Ms. Imogene it ultimately honors the GENE/JEAN tradition.
PaperGenes is primarily a Greeting Card company. However, we plan on expanding to become a custom stationary company. We plan on offering custom journals, planners, notepads and more that will continue to honor the legacy paved before us!