The Business Card For Me

The Business Card For Me

 When it comes to business cards, choosing the right one may seem difficult. There seems to be so many thickness options, but which one is best?

Most business cards are printed on a standard 14 pt. thickness. This thickness gives a basic feel. They are perfect for when you are just starting out and building the "brand" of your business. You may not want to spend a lot but you know people need and will ask for a card.

Now some people choose the 16pt thickness. This is considered a more premium feel because it is sturdy to the touch. When you hand someone a thick card, it gives off a more "professional" vibe, intriguing the person. 

 You can also go thicker with a 19 pt. or 32 pt. thickness. These cards are for people who want to land that elite customer. Not only are these cards completely "bend" free, they let people know you mean business without saying a word. 


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